Welcome to the Enactor Insights Portal

The Enactor Insights Portal is a single place for our Friends, Strategic Partners and Customers to do everything with Enactor. We have detailed Documentation, Videos and Materials to learn about the amazing Enactor Platform. Training Courses, API Documentation and a Reference environment are all available for those you want to delve a little deeper and become Enactor Experts on their own. Lastly – there are protected areas for our Partners and Customers so we can collaborate in one place.

Enactor is an Industry leading Unified Commerce Platform that provides flexibility and agility to large, Multinational Store and Online Retailers. All its solutions are cloud-native and easily deployable. Everything has been built with a single framework that leverages a set of flow-based Tools enabling unmatched flexibility, coupled with the ability to build-fast and make-change easily.

What is Enactor?

Enactor Product Areas

Store Applications

Order Management

Headless Commerce Microservices

Omnichannel Payment Gateway

One Platform Two Models

In our Cloud

Enactor provides and looks after all environments for you. This means you do not need to run any servers or special hardware or manage your own cloud services, and Enactor takes care of all security, upgrades, and maintenance. Your users can safely access Enactor central components in a browser from any location.

In your Cloud

We give you the keys. You get the Enactor Platform to run yourselves in your Cloud environment. You also get our Tools and Technologies so you can make changes yourselves whilst still staying on Enactor Core Releases. You can run Enactor in Windows or Linux in any Cloud environment you like. As a starting point, we give you our Cloud Deployment Tools so you can deploy Enactor Containers into your own Azure or AWS accounts in just a few minutes.