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What is Enactor?

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Enactor is an Industry leading Unified Commerce Platform that provides flexibility and agility to large, multinational store and online retailers. All Enactor’s solutions are cloud-based and easily deployable. Everything has been built with a single microservices framework that leverages a set of flow-based tools enabling unmatched flexibility coupled with the ability to build fast and make change easily.

Tutorial Videos

Walkthrough videos of the Enactor Platform particularly the Enactor Store Solutions, Estate Manager and Enactor OMS.

Technical Insights

A bit more of a detailed overview of Enactor Technology. Includes our Methodologies, Architecture and how we Deploy.

US Demo Videos

Our US Team go through the Enactor Platform. Includes Full Omnichannel Demos, Configuration and Store System introductions


Download all our PDFs and Written Content to learn all about how Enactor is the most flexible Platform in the market.

Marketing Videos

Quick and easy to digest. Enactor’s Marketing Videos quickly show the Enactor Platform can quickly transform any Retailing Business.