Introductory Course


The purposes of the course are

  • To provide a basic grounding in key Enactor concepts
  • To instruct the client/partner delivery team on how to configure the Enactor solution, to support the delivery of a standard Retail POS environment
  • To introduce the processes required to manage and operate the Enactor estate

Overview of Sessions

The sessions to be provided comprise:

  • Enactor Introduction
  • Estate Manager Overview
  • POS Overview
  • Estate Manager and POS Data Management
  • User Management
  • Store Configuration
  • POS Business Rules Configuration
  • Product Data Configuration
  • Promotions Configuration
  • Payment Method Configuration
  • Gift Card and Voucher Configuration
  • Cash Management Configuration and Operations
  • Employee Sales Configuration
  • Inventory Management Configuration and Operations

(Note: an additional day’s training on Architecture, Integration and Systems management will be held separately.)

Targeted Attendees

The attendees of the training are expected to be those who will be actively involved in the Solution Delivery project, including:

  • Application Specialists
  • Business Analysts
  • Integration Developers


The attendees should have a good understanding of Retail Systems concepts, particularly Point of Sale/Service, Shopfloor processes, Inventory and Merchandise Management.

Experience with Point of Sale solutions will be invaluable.

Infrastructure Requirements

This training will be held at the Enactor offices in Hertford. Enactor will supply all required infrastructure.

Ideally attendees will bring their own laptops so they can get hands-on practice.