Delete a User

Service URL: DELETE /users/{userId}

Request Headers:

site_subject – JWT – The id of the site / user using the API. Required. 

Response Body:

200 – Success OK


Deletes a user given a user id as a path parameter. The privilege of the caller must be checks. The site_subject must be valid user and have the correct privilege to delete a user.


#ScenarioOutcomeExpected BehaviorStatus CodeResponse
1The user requires a request to delete an existing userSuccessThe user is deleted and a success response is returned200Success
2The user requires a request to delete a user which doesn’t existBadRequestThe user is not deleted and a bad request error response is returned,400ErrorResponse – User not delete. User does not existing. Bad request.

Example Request

  "user" : {
    "displayName" : "james.hanson.enactor",
    "userId" : "20",
    "isTemplate" : false,
    "address" : {
      "countryCodeId" : { },
      "typeId" : { },
      "county" : "Hertfordshire",
      "postCode" : "SG14 1PB",
      "street1" : "Enactor House",
      "street2" : "1 Bluecoats Avenue",
      "town" : "Hertford",
      "isTemplate" : false
    "userName" : {
      "surname" : "Hanson",
      "forename": "James"

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