Update Basket Description

Service URL: PATCH /baskets/{basketReference}/description


basketReference – The basket reference of the basket to add the items to, or can be ‘PRIMARY’ to add to the PRIMARY basket.


UpdateBasketDescriptionRequest – extends BasketRetrievalRequest

  • description – String – the new description of the wishlist – max length 20


  • returnBasket – Boolean – Should the basket be returned in the request. (Optional, defaults to false)



basket – IBasket – The basket associated with the given reference

basketReference – String – the reference of the basket

basketType – String – the type of the basket

basketDescription – String – the description of the basket

basketResponseCode – String – A specific basket code to indict whether the basket was implicitly created by the server.

basketStatus – String – the status of the basket. Fresh baskets have the status NEW. Baskets in progress have the status of IN_PROGRESS. Baskets will have been submitted to retail processing have the status SUBMITTED.


  • Updates an existing baskets description. The basket must already exist, otherwise, the service will return a 404 not found. If the description is empty in the request, the service should return 400 bad request. If the service call is successful, a 200 OK response is returned. However, if the returnBasket parameter is true, the basket is also returned in the response.

All Scenarios start with: Basket manager service receives an associate basket customer request with the merge Rule of DISCARD.

ScenarioOutcomeExpected behaviourStatus CodeResponse
1The Update Basket Service has received a valid request for a basket reference that exists.SuccessThe baskets description is updated200200 OK Success
2The Update Basket Service has received a valid request for a basket reference that exists with the flag returnBasket set to trueSuccessThe baskets description is updated. 200BasketResponse
3The Update Basket Service has received a valid request for a basket that does not exist.NotFoundThe baskets description is not updated. An error message is returned with a 404 response.404ErrorMessage: Failed to update baskets description, outcome: NotFound

Example Request

PATCH /WebRestApi/rest/baskets/PRIMARY/description
Content-Type: application/json
    "description": "New Description"
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