Request Return of an Order

Service URL: PATCH /orders/{orderId}/return


orderId – The id of the order to be returned


Request return of an order. If the order cannot be returned at this time, the service should respond with a 405 (Method Not Allowed) status code. Otherwise the return request will be recorded and processed later, the service should respond with a 202 (Accepted) status code – this does not guarantee that return will be possible. Note that the Order Status, returned on the Get Order Details service, will provide a hint to the client if a return is possible.


ScenarioOutcomeExpected behaviourStatus CodeResponse
1The orders service receives a valid order id and the order belongs to the customerSuccessThe customer’s order has been requested to be returned by the order manager.202Response: 202 Accepted.
2The orders service receives with a valid order id and the order does not belong to the customer.NotAllowedThe customer order is not returned. A NotAllowed error message is returned.405ErrorMessage: 405, Not allowed to return order, outcome: NotAllowed.
3The orders service receives an invalid order idFailThe customer order is not returned. An Internal server error message is returned500ErrorMessage: 500, Failed to return order, outcome: Fail

Example Request

PATCH http://localhost:8080/WebRestApi/rest/orders/00002905/return

Example Response

Status: 202 Accepted

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