Trigger broadcast API

This API is used to trigger a broadcast from a predefined broadcast ID

Service URL: PUT /broadcast/{predefinedBroadcastID}

Path parameters

predefinedBroadcastID (required)

Request Headers:

Basic authentication

Content type – JSON

Request Body:


runAt (optional) String

changesSince String

targets (optional) ITargets

topic String

locations (optional) array[String]

devices (optional) array[String]

regions (optional) array[Region]

Response Body:


broadcastId String


Triggers a broadcast from predefined broadcast ID


#ScenarioOutcomeExpected BehaviorStatus CodeResponse
#ScenarioOutcomeExpected BehaviorStatus CodeResponse
1Request with no/wrong authorization headerFailDoes not trigger broadcast401 UnauthorizedUnauthorized
2Request with no changes since fieldFailDoes not trigger broadcast400 Bad RequestRequest must contain a changesSince field
3Request with invalid topicFailDoes not trigger broadcast400 Bad RequestTopic must be one of (AllStores,Device,Location,Region,AllStoreServers)
4Request with Invalid Predefined Broadcast IdFailDoes not trigger broadcast405 Not FoundPredefinedBroadcastdoes not exists
5Request sent by a user who does not have Broadcast privilegesFailDoes not trigger broadcast401 UnauthorisedRequired Privileges are not granted for user.
6Valid requestSuccessTrigger broadcast200 OK“broadcastId”: UID

Example Request

	"devices" : ["pos1@0001.enactor", "pos2@0001.enactor"]

Example Response

    "broadcastId": "d86488eb-4d28-44eb-9ebd-11101fc02ba0"
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