Get Loyalty Details

Service URL: GET /loyalty/{accountId}


accountId – The id of the account to return

Response Body:



This service is used to find details about a specific loyalty account that the customer is associated with. Although an account id can be specified, it must be associated with the customer on the access token before it can be returned.

Example Request:

GET: http://localhost:8080/WebRestApi/rest/loyalty/1

Example Response:

    "accountId": "1",
    "customerNumber": "1",
    "rewardNumber": "9526300011110240001",
    "accountStatusId": "ACTIVE",
    "accountStatusDesc": "ACTIVE",
    "rewardTier": "UK3",
    "rewardTierDesc": "Gold",
    "loyaltySchemeId": "LOYALTY_UK",
    "loyaltySchemeDesc": "Loyalty Scheme 1 UK"

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