Take Payment

Allows a client to take payment for a basket. 

Service Url: /baskets/{basketReference}/payments


basketReference – String – The basket reference of the basket to take payment with.


ITakePaymentRequest extends BasketRetrievalRequest

amount – long – the amount to take payment for

currencyId – String – the id of the currency to take payment for

billingAddress – IAddressAndContact – the billing address


WebPaymentRedirectResponse extends Payment Response

redirectUrl – String – the url of the payment gateway to redirect the client to


The service uses the client’s details for the amount, currency, and billing address and creates a payment transaction on the payment portal. A payment tender item is also added to the basket to keep track of the payment result. The service returns a Web Payment Redirect Response including information on the portal transaction and the redirect URL to the payment gateway to complete payment. 

Example Request

  "amount": 11990,
  "currencyId": "GBP",
  "billingAddress": {},
  "returnUrl": ""
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