Record a Tender

Service URL: POST /baskets/{basketReference}/tenders[?returnBasket=true]


basketReference – The basket reference of the basket to redeem the voucher against

Request Body:


tenderType – String – The type of tender to record, currently only CASH is supported – Required

tenderId – String – The id of the tender to record, this must map to the ID of a tender in the Enactor database – Required

tenderAmount – String – The amount of the tender to record. Generally Required, however Tender configuration can use a fixed value

referenceNumber – String – the reference number of the tender.


Records a tender in the basket. Only CASH tenders are currently supported

If the returnBasket flag is true, the updated basket will be returned

Example Request:

POST: http://localhost:8080/WebRestApi/rest/baskets/PRIMARY/tenders
    "tenderType": "CASH",
    "tenderId": "CASH_UK",
    "tenderAmount": 100,
    "referenceNumber": "ABC"
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