The Customers Service is used to maintain the Customer Entity. For Customers who are users of Client Applications in a Customer-to-Business environment (e.g. in a Web Shop Environment) the creation of Customer entries is initiated by the Identity Service. Thereafter, the Customer’s data may be maintained by the Customer Service after authentication of the Customer during Sign On.

The Customers Service #

The Customer Service offers operations to Create, Retrieve, Maintain and Delete required elements of Customer data, limited to the instance created for the Signed On CustomerNumber, and optionally may be used exclusively for this basic purpose. Accessible data elements include customer name, addresses and contact details (email addresses and phone numbers). However, more extensive use of Customer data is available to other Services.

Note1 that Email Addresses and Phone Numbers may be directly associated with a specific Customer Address, which is maintained using the Customer Address operations. This is NOT the data accessed by the Phone Number and Email Address operations of the Customer Service; these operations access Email Addresses and Phone Numbers directly associated with the Customer as identified by the CustomerNumber.

Note2 that for all operations of this service that require the CustomerNumber as input, for security of the Customer’s data, the CustomerNumber is always obtained from the authentication id_token (or subject header), never specified in URL Tokens, parameters or query strings.

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