Record a Transaction Discount

Service URL: POST /baskets/{basketReference}/discount[?returnBasket=true]


basketReference – The basket reference of the basket to record the discount against

Request Body:


reasonId – String – The ID of the reason describing what kind of transaction discount to apply – Required

value – Double – The value of the discount – Optional, depending on the voucher configuration


Adds an transaction discount to the specified line in the basket.

The value will determine the discount amount – it may not be required, depending on the configuration of the reason selected. The value may be a fixed amount (in whole base units, i.e. 100 = £1.00) or a percentage (i.e. 100 = 100%), again depending on the configuration

If the returnBasket flag is true, the updated basket will be returned

Example Request:

    "reasonId": "TRN-DISCOUNT-1",
    "value": 11.0
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