Remove an Item From a Basket

Service URL: DELETE /baskets/{basketReference}/items/{lineNumber}


basketReference – The basket reference of the basket to remove the item from. The basket reference can be a basketId or PRIMARY for a primary basket

lineNumber – The line number to remove from the basket


Deletes an existing line number from a basket. 


 ScenarioOutcomeExpected behaviourStatus CodeResponse
1Service is given a valid lineNumber and basketReference so the item is removed from the basketsuccessThe basket item is removed.200200 Success ok
2Service is given a invalid lineNumber and a valid basketReferenceNotFoundService returns a bad request400Error Message: Item could not be removed from the basket with reference: <BasketReference>

Example Request:

1DELETE: http://localhost:8080/WebRestApi/rest/baskets/PRIMARY/items/2

Example Response:

1Status: 200 OK
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