Update a Phone Number

Service URL: PUT /customers/phoneNumbers/{phoneNumberId}


phoneNumberId – The id of the phone number to update

Request Body:

phoneNumberDetails – IPhoneNumber – The new phone details for the customer


This service can update a phone number on the customer. If the new details set the preffered phone number, the existing preffered phone number is changed to remove the preffered flag.

Example Request:

PUT: http://localhost:8080/WebRestApi/rest/customers/phoneNumbers/47
Content-Type: application/json

  "@entity" : "retail:updateCustomerPhoneNumberRequest",
  "phoneNumberDetails" : {
    "@entity": "retail:phoneNumber",
    "countryCode": "",
    "lastUpdated": 15210456111111,
    "number": "01295768256",
    "preferred": false,
    "restrictedReason": "",
    "status": "",
    "typeId": {
        "@entity": "retail:contactTypeKey",
        "id": ""
    "referenceId": "",
    "active": true

Example Response:

Status: 200 OK
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